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Lines of Desire

• • ancient Kama Sutra inspires. intuitive Techniques aspire. • • swooning Hearts beating. heaving Chests breathing. • pliant Earlobe nipped. nuzzled Nape kissed. • supple Skins revel. huddled Hips tremble. • languid Lips parting. teasing Tongue darting. • silken

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Dream Away the Triple ‘A’ Way ~ (#3 of 3)

I have found that the sleeping dreams we have are beneficial and of value to extend the perception of our daily lifestyle. It is possible to enhance and motivate the creativity of our minds by the discipline of recognizing our

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The Key

To open wide or close inside,               is what a door is for.                              To knock or lock depends a lot,

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Dare to dream: Learn to be lucid.

It has been said that “Life is but a dream”… “… The cloud-capp’d tow’rs, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack

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