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Kawasaki Kringle

Could a crimson caped & capped Kris Kringle carry considerable Christmas curiosities as he can while casually commandeering a chromed, classic ‘Kawasaki’ cruising cross-country to considerable consecutive criss crossings to console continentally covetous kids? ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2014

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Sad Santa Seized

Sad Santa seized since sleigh riding so soon since sipping cinnamon Schnapps. Several serious certificates signed as so surely a shame since he was sighted sleighing so shifty & so speedily. Sheriff Steven Sirocco secures silver shackles so suspected Santa

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Santa’s Swimsuit Sweethearts

Santa shown swiftly streaking shallow shorelines in soaked skivvies. Stylishly slender swim-suited sweethearts seen sharing his stride surely starts his smile; so certainly stashed inside his silvery ‘stache. ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2014 EWK

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Bingo Betty

Bingo Betty of Boise bets big. Being a bigwig basement bingo Bouffant beauty; Betty is busy beside her bingo board blotting bottle, Bible & Bic. Betty’s bus beckons. Ball bin bounces… “B4!”  Betty blots a blank. Bingo! ~ an EWK

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