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The Right Stuff

Twilight Excites Upright Ignites So much thrust at twilight excites us. The Right Stuff pushed upright ignites lust. ~ an EWK Tyburn Poe’em ©2017 EWK (A Tyburn poem contains six verses of a 2:2:2:2:9:9 syllabic pattern. The first four lines

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Yo. Read some Poe.

Yo. Read some Poe. Does anyone really read Poetry anymore? We amp-up all info-rushed in blinking blurs of tapping texts of obscured austerities upon our digitized screens. What of the classics, the poets of all-time? Whose stage-showed verbiage taught the

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We are Electric Addicts by Nature

The power went out as the storm came in Stumbling in rooms so suddenly opaque Uninvited nighttime enters within Reaching blindly, attempting to locate A candle lit or flashlight would abate. Feeling this becalming intensified Shun the days of old

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A Puzzled Code

Magic words online are relayed. A puzzled code, A game to play. Thanks to you, the ‘RSA’. A challenge of a million years. This ciphertext twist, we have no fears. Joined online, we can’t resist! Chipsets hum, and heat sinks

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