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Words that Cry

Words that cry for me Tear stained in poetic verse The rhymes of my life. ~ an EWK 5:7:5 Haiku Poe’em ©2017 EWK

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At Night

A sliver of moonlight scrapes along my windowpane. Hurting my mind as these eyes wouldn’t see These shards of my saddening darkness  Silhouetted as outlines drawn My curtains shut tight At night. ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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If Only You Ask

From all directions and points of view, I hear a voice calling and drawing me too. I find courage, I find a source, I dare to run another course. Maybe because of inner tears, I dare of wonder, I care

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Memories of Us

Memories of us and the walks we made. Hands held together as we forgave. Shadows had fallen from every tree. Stories held long within their leaves. Thoughts of times we often shared. Whom else I’d consider? I hadn’t dared. Heads

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