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Poetic Lines

commonly subdued thoughts with feelings are inscribed in poetic lines ~ an EWK Haiku Poe’em ©2017 EWK

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Discover her Story

She was like a book Found, Held deep within Antiqued parchments Inks impressed Illuminated scripts. Stories authored Expressive, And finely bound With gilded accents Embossed with filigrees Dignified exquisiteness. So subtlety Tinged, Self published By her own discretion Chapters enumerated

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Emotion Contained

Just suppose we were to ask a sculptor; “what the clay knows”?, or ask a musician; “what the notes know”?, or the painter; “what the brush knows”? The tools of the artist; yield to a part of the work, in

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Spit and Polish

Sailors aligned, in readied formation. Standing proudly side by side. Donned in white caps, Poised for pending inspections. As the threat of invasion looms near. Many stand direct and true, Others acquired a postured skew. Some dappled with silvery medals,

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Time Can be Elastic

TIME CAN BE AN ELASTIC SUBSTANCE; like a bubble blown from a fresh stick of gum. Or time can so very rigid as an old wad of previously chewed chewing gum abandoned to the forgotten bottoms of the cafeteria tables

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A dragon of the sky With a passion to fly As if tethered by wing on the air. Darting, dodging, flirting flicks, Paired wings set upon a rigid matchstick. Backwards and forwards and all with much flair of dragons and

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Wanderings of a Lost Heart’s Desire

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”   ~ Confucius My heart; my inner guide, the compass of my internal passions. My mind is set by my own footsteps. My walks of life’s lonesome wanderings. My heartbeat’s whirling sways to

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Steam Heat

In my aging Victorian era home The drafty sashed windows breathe In the breezes from across the streets. Floral patterns of parched wallpapers Skid about the thickened plaster walls; Bound by an earthen gypsum of ages ago. Dust-laden tapestries of

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Horizontal Gravity

        We lean this way And that         as counterweights                                      aligned guiding our paths           along.         aside                           Hands holding on                                    

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