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an Inoculation of Alphabetization Fantasization

ABC… Roll up your sleeve, a fantasy. … Anticipa’tion Bijec’tion Consumma’tion Devo’tion Emo’tion Flirta’tion Gratifica’tion Harmoniza’tion Interac’tion Juxtaposi’tion Kinky situa’tion Lo’tion Mo’tion Necessita’tion Orgasmic celebra’tion Perspira’tion Quiet medita’tion Romanticiza’tion Stimula’tion Titilla’tion Undula’tion Vibra’tion Whispered admira’tion &… XYZ, as the termina’tion

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Calmed this Night

Daughter of the Dreamworld. Mother of the Earth, Sister of the moonlit sky. Clouded airs above us Ever changing silhouette. Peaceful times and comforts. Calmed this night at rest. ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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Do Drops Desire?

Can we recall the first time? That moment of our realization; that initial release to these unexpectedly unexplored realms. Plunging freely within that moment; compelled onwards by our own momentum, a gravitational tug downward. Destined to become a fluid muddling

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