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If I must Die

If I must die With my final verse In hand Then let it be A seed Of inspiration To other minds Of youthful vigor Whom might read Of my life And energies Spent For if I be known Nevermore Another

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Shadows of My Life

• I have written my thoughts.       Often as a feeling       Inspired by the urge of subtle meanings To give life to words. After living and then soon afterwards.       Will you sort through       Stuff that holds certain

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Buried Forever

The ground lays down to eternal sleep: buried forever, below our feet. ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK (inspired by a hike in the forest)

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I dreamed I was

I dreamed I was flying. Over hills and valleys. Rising above. My spirit soared. I dreamed I was climbing. Reaching for cliffs. Seeking a summit. Against infinite gravity. I dreamed I was dying. Swirling tube of grayness inclined. Lightness casts

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