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ignition starts my key turns, a heart. upright reclining seats resonant radio, beats. motor idle whirs fluids warmed, swirl. we ride as one a moonlit, sun. maneuvering swift curves our bodies gently, swerve. we never tire our palms wet, perspire.

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love imbued

♥ skin dewed ruddy hues sultry mood love imbued ♥ lips hot passions sought limbs taut naughty thoughts ♥ looks glisten kisses given nipples stiffen bodies pivot ♥ feelings shared fantasies bared loving care heartbeats paired ♥♥ ~ an EWK

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A Crisscrossed Crush

He wished she could feel his crush within his eyes. She wished he could feel her crush within her thighs. Each wished the other could feel their crush within their sighs. ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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A J’oak I Wrote

Here’s a “J’oak”… Two trees are sitting across from each other at a bar.   Swaying in a similar breeze, the guy tree uproots from his spot to transplant himself to another toad “stool” next to her.  He is sure to buy her

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