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3 comments on “Copyright
  1. Madi Uram says:

    Hey Erik! I was skimming through your works, saw this part of your blog, and was just curious if you recommend a copyright page for my blog as well? I had always presumed that since my site is it’s own entity the point was already made, but now I’m not so sure! What would you recommend?


    • EricWK says:

      Hi Madi. From what I have researched regarding written poetic verse is that it seems to be of your ownership as the creative originator in the moment it is written. Especially when posted or published. Then, there is the matter to wonder what the value of poems are as an intellectual property out in the open. So, I’d say we are good to go no matter. Personally, I find it more disheartening to think, feel and create and keep it wrapped out of sight; lost in a box, or not ever expressed. Copyright fuss? No worries. Just be inspired and inspire others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I always appreciate your interest. 🙂

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      • Madi Uram says:

        Thank you bunches for the input! I love people reading my works, but as all writers do, I fear having someone steal it and post it under their name. I just wanted to make sure nothing like that could happen here 🙂


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