Sing it like ‘Satchmo’

Satchmo - WPress1

play my words
     as a jazz tune sways

hear my voice
     in a dulcet jive

dressed so debonair
blow that valved horn
bourbon on ice

wrap my words
     in tight taut chords

flow of thoughts
     in improvised riffs

slap that bass
strike that snare
sing that verse

notes are scored
     from an unprinted page

feel the blues
     along that lonesome street

sweat on brow
     does stain
love’s refrain
     in chains

a tempo raised
     within a thoughtful haze

bring it to the stage
     as emotions ebb and stream

‘dream a little dream’
     in poetic themes.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2017 EWK

Inspired by the soulful songs of the classic jazz musician, Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong. (1901 – 1971)

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