This Heart of Mine



The savior of others, I’ve always longed to be; never taking a moment to look at who’s saving me. Helping those who’ve never asked; nor know my soul, this is my heart aching burden.


To jump all in, or turn away?
This heart is broken, this is the way it is. And who cares? I’m not already so certain. What matters most? My mind decides with each new hope and person.

This heart of mine is all I have. Its warmth is felt from thoughts pulsing deep within.

When I gave you a piece of my mind and soul, my heart was so certainly broken. Shards of my love come scattering down cutting deep scars where we each have stepped and spoken.


I’ve caught the pieces of my heart before,
yours is not the first portion to be mistaken.
Shattered bits beat apart as this heart bleeds on. My love is often forsaken.

I’ve been lost, my burden goes on, blood stained dreams close around my heartbroken soul like a Broadway curtain.

An applause I have never asked; none that I shall ever receive. No praise, no not more. Not ever, for me. A new awareness I now perceive.


This lonely life needs none of this as I lift my head to cast away these tears. My burden gone, so goes all my fears. Simply toss my worries aside. To bathe in my cries. Drain me till dry.

I have come now to find. You are the one lost; even to me. I will stand naked, scars and scabs all exposed. Revealing this burden on me you have tossed and bestowed. I have come to discover and now we all know.

Certainly, no more need of your witty criticisms. I am stronger. A new me.


My heart has now spoken, as I have written.


~ an EWK Poe’em

©2017 EWK

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