To the Point ~ Haiku


A new Photo Haiku poem.

(a work-in-progress)

The context here is intentionally heavy with ‘fusoku-furi’, or Japanese essense of metaphoric distancing; #1✔ …And syllabic structure of and respective of 5:7:5 phrasing (as in English); #2✔ …And there is a symbolic tension and tease to seasonality here; #3✔

So with the 3 of 3 Haiku values met, the moral of these 3 lines is: The contemplations of a writer or poet. Pencils as arrows, “getting to the point” introducing and stating the requirement of an archer of arrows (or as the writer equipped with pencils) must have their own tools ready when the moment comes; sharpened points. And furthermore; to actually take action, with much purpose. A line that is strung denotes the line of a strung hunting bow, a “bowstring”. Very necessary, full of tension and potential energy to have the arrow effectively take flight.

This second line of the Haiku similarly uses this context again to relate the tensions found by the writer to pull the energy into each line they must draw upon to have each “line” with the intentions they determine. If you see here at the first word of this second verse, it is also intentionally spelled as a personified “line’s”, to indicate the aspect of the person owning the need to use this force, using the inherent tensions it requires. And, to keep doing it, several times as each time is required.

Lastly, the final line in this Haiku defines a not particularly absolute solution to this context. It takes a priority to the “first” and also the “last” of this. So, that may be of two issues, yet also of just having one, the only. Imagine if you were the archer. You have, or are left with just one arrow to make your mark. You choose with even more considerable tension and consideration. The deer very much will run away from your one try if you hesitate, miss or not get the point to hit where required. As does a writer and poet considers their tool; the pencil, and is perhaps shown as these two as in the photo (both sharpened) one black, the other white… Yet, irrelevant in reality, it is the point that does draw on the experience and expression of each line to make the mark required. White of first starts and begins, black at last finishes, and ends. The choice made. It only takes one to get either done.

If you don’t draw back on your skills and let it strike a line of its own, no action nor effect of effort will ever be known.

~ Eric

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