’empathy’ ~ (words alone cannot describe…)

Far away?
Not so much.
Could be US.
No answer?
No question,
No reason.
Life changing.
Hear their pleas!
How do we?


~ an EWK Tricube (×2)+1 Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

(a Tricube is a poem of contemporary style & composed of 3 syllables per verse, 3 verses per stanza, and 3 stanzas in total)

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7 comments on “empathy
  1. johncoyote says:

    I have been telling people for years. War will find us. Wars far away will come to our doorsteps. I pray the terrible war will stop. My Christmas wish. All people safe from the guns of war, all people have food and shelter. All people can live without fear. If we allow the men of war to run our world. The world will fall. Powerful photo and words my friend.


  2. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Powerful words and thoughts by a talented writer. Please read and pass on. Somehow we must stop the mmany wars. If we don’t. A path of no return shall come.


      • johncoyote says:

        I live in Michigan. Few watch the new and have little concern for our world. I volunteered for Red Cross and United Nation’s missions to Asia and Africa when I was active duty. I learn. War is cold and heartless. I saw many dead cities and so many homeless. The wars and violence never stop. I wish I knew what we could do to stop the useless wars? You are welcome.

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      • EricWK says:

        I could always tell you are of very good character. You have a story to tell. And I hear it. In your writing. I hope as much to share these sorts of feelings. Peace is an unfortunately very brittle substance; yet this is what may make it so valuable when found and held. Have a good evening John. (Writing from Baltimore)

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      • johncoyote says:

        I hope you have a good evening also and I hope will have fun and enjoy the holidays.

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  3. grevisangel73 says:

    I really thought this post was an excellent one done in poetry form, but it really packs a punch. Unfortunately there are so many that disregard these people as less than human because of their religious beliefs. That is a shame No one understands where or how extremism starts, and our actions do little to try and stop it. i am not saying I condone what has been done, but you have to attempt to find the root cause. Maybe we will never get along, but shouldn’t we try instead of killing each other?
    I agree with John. I am also from Michigan if you see this John, and I agree with you so much. Even if people do watch the news, they are watching a twisted version. I run into this all the time. It makes me lose hope for the future.
    We need to work on saving the future and the planet, and we can only do that together, not divided and full of hate.


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