Yo. Read some Poe.


Yo. Read some Poe.
Does anyone really read Poetry anymore?

We amp-up all info-rushed in blinking blurs of tapping texts of obscured austerities upon our digitized screens.

What of the classics, the poets of all-time?
Whose stage-showed verbiage taught the huddled populace to sight-read as a rhyme. When candlelit nights were all shadowed within mystically dramatized notions of commonplace wants and worries of calamity?

So what of reading Poetics in the days of Poe or Shakespeare with their soliloquizing ways? Once upon a time… was trending then. “Yo. Dat.”

Can we truly read between the lines of such legacies from good fellows, so long since; dead? What matters how now, what is; read? Parchment and pen once; bled…

Within these present days infused with instant messaging and a text-typed life blinked at a hip-hop techno tempo, what verse would ever catch our eye? Choose a font, use u for you, or smack an emoji for dramatic “emphasis of persona”. Perhaps?

Hmm?    😎

Work-in-progress. this.



~ an EWK “Go with the Flow” Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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One comment on “Yo. Read some Poe.
  1. novelistbaba says:

    True…….we are too distracted to pay attention to important things in life……..and poems don’t even make that list for some people.
    Great poem! Loved it! 🙂


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