Emotion Contained


Just suppose we were to ask a sculptor; “what the clay knows”?, or ask a musician; “what the notes know”?, or the painter; “what the brush knows”?

The tools of the artist; yield to a part of the work, in the act of creation.

Is poetry a creation of art?
As if the forms of words and verse were a “sculpture of words”, a “melody of assonance”, or a “vision of figurative nuances”?

Are words the poets’ media; the tools of this creation?

Is the finalized verse the essence of expression; of and from the experience?

What then, is a “poem”?
As a sculpture on a stand, a song on a stage, a masterpiece of painting bounded within a frame?

Or a fleeting emotion, contained.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

(inspired by a question)

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One comment on “Emotion Contained
  1. plainmama says:

    Lovely. Poetry is most definitely art.


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