Spit and Polish

Spit and Polish - WPress1

Sailors aligned, in readied formation.
Standing proudly side by side.
Donned in white caps,
Poised for pending inspections.
As the threat of invasion looms near.

Many stand direct and true,
Others acquired a postured skew.
Some dappled with silvery medals,
A few tarnished with residues of the past.
There they stand – and wait for the attack.

From behind the enemy approaches,
Clad in untainted attire.
Brandishing various weapons of burnished steel,
As the advance is so surely made.
Beckoning to enter a reluctant gateway.

No where to go now,
They are all so exposed.
Steadfast sailors hold steady and stand fast,
The opposition is pressing the assault.
One after another are picked off and painstakingly ransacked.

Sounds of scraping as harpoons are flung,
Plunging and burnishing ensues in wide array.
Water flows and ebbs and floods away.
Not much longer can these warriors endure.
Do they remember the drill?

End to this torture is in sight.
The intruder has withdrawn in retreat.
A truce is called and hostilities cease,
“Rinse and spit please.”
Such fortunate results once again…
No cavities!

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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