Self Centered

Self Centered - WPress1

I’m a spinning top. Balance lost.

Arms and bits flailing
Stray thoughts and feelings
Commotion of every size and sort
Overspent forces in assorted directions.

Comings and goings
Often not returning
Distracted contributions
Fogs of confusion.

It’s not about me
Every time it comes down to you
For once in my life: and this is how
I need to become self centered.

That’s for certain. You know what I mean?

The balance has been swayed.
I’m all give and never a take
My days spent for you and others of like
All of your wants is not what I need.

It might be about our point of view
Some see others; others haven’t a clue
Set in a pattern of conditional response
You have lost me on the paths all led on by you.

I’m not one to keep this score
I’ve been here yesterday
To deal with you has been a real chore
You won’t recognize me as soon as tomorrow.

This is the new me
Letting go of all the use
Next time I spin around
I’ll be in balance.

I’m self centered. For once.

And now.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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4 comments on “Self Centered
  1. shaunsthepoet says:

    This is so amazing.


  2. Fantastic! You usually write very short poems. This is an utter delight of expression from you. I see the whole poem in its entirety. It comes across as your heart speaking.Lovely…

    Liked by 1 person

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