Snow Stop - WPress1

Springtime birds and budding flowers
Sets my mind to April showers,
Gentle breezes. Occasional sneezes.

Seasons of promised warming
Sunlight rises more each morning,
My heart jumps ahead. My mind renews.

My calendar flips
Past winter’s brittle frost nips,
Looking forward to summer’s hot and flip flopped walks.

Now we have this snow on the ground?
White washed sidewalks covered all around,
Signs ahead are now showing another way.

Grey skies shadowing on crystallized roads
Hey Punxsutawney Phil,
That prediction! Huh? Ya know?

The only hope for me now?
My mind must… Chill.

Whether what weather comes next
Nature’s wonders are complex,
Wake me up when this moment is done.

Please, someone pay attention!
I’ll shout it out… without objections,
It will be all right, just around the next corner.

Red-faced now and shouting out this order
Contained within an eight-sided border,
Summertime fun cannot be delayed.

Everyone all together and say it all about
Open your door wide and give it a shout,
Mother Nature is listening from above as these snowflakes drop. 

Let’s hear it once and for all…
Put away the snow plows,
We have had this before and more than enough.

Together on the count of three,
3 and 2, to 1… Say we,
For heaven’s sake.

Snow STOP!

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK
(inspired by a photo from a friend in Cleveland, Ohio USA; 10 inches of snow on April 9)

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One comment on “Snow STOP
  1. Enough snow for sho’!


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