My World Here

My World Here - WPress1

My world here
slowly turns
me around
to where you are.

Can words reach out
for what needs to be said
to you on distant horizons,
many hours ahead?

Thoughts pass among us,
time zones between us apart.
Nighttime comes here now,
as your day there soon starts.

Letters I have written
from my hands and my heart,
to my dearest friend so far away,
my smiles soon start.

This globe we share
of sunlit days we both send,
ocean tides carrying an echoed note
homeward to you…
as my thoughts are so penned.

Your pen pal and friend,

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK
(inspired by a distant pen pal)

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2 comments on “My World Here
  1. What a lovely piece! Cosmic connections : )) and something different from you.


  2. Lovely cosmic connection with a friend….I quite liked it.


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