Another Butter

Another Butter - WPress1

Peanut butter…
make a sandwich, slices of bread…

Crisped slabs of toast,
plunged up from slots,
bounding up, so warm and so hot…
Here’s where some butter
would hit the right spot.
I must find a butter in time…
For a creamy spread,
to bring peace to my mind.
What product can smother
this hunger for a butter?…
This hunger that it brings to my plate.

What’s this I see, either ‘Jiff’ or ‘Skippy’?
A choice of brand names;
yet each one the same.
From simple brown nuts,
grown in muddied dirt ruts,
all plucked up from the Southern plains.
Georgia that is!… this nut there it grew, smashed into a buttery brown stew,
Either chunky or smooth,
spread on one slice or two…

My tongue is so lickety
for this butter so stickety!
One dab if I dare,
there’s 40 ounces to spare!
My tongue buds slick with drool,
I feel such a fool…
to ever forget,
it’s peanut butter… You bet!

This butter is the best! 
On toast to ingest…
Best be sure if you do,
it’s not allergic to you
or you’ll wind up in bed,
if not even dead.
And it’s not from the lickin’
that comes from its sticken.

This nuts got you certain,
it’s an allergy’s lurking,
Best be sticking to ‘Parkay’ there instead.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

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One comment on “Another Butter
  1. Eric, I smiled reading this piece. It’s actually so cute !

    Liked by 1 person

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