A Soldier’s Dream

A Soldier's Dream - WPress1

You asked me once again today;
Had I dreamed again last night?, you said. 
It was just another dream…, I say.
You wonder; worried who I desire, instead.

I miss you more than time can delay.
Your body; lies alone, there once more.
While my body has gone to fight this war.
Our love apart while I’m away, is what I fight for night and day.

You ask of me, what and who I’ve enjoyed? 
Has my heart been cheating around on you?
I’ve been gone so long as I’ve been deployed…
Our love is what gets me through.

Bounded by time from your lonely heart.
My mind plays this cinema of my desires.
Our eyes seek our flesh, our hands reach to grasp this flame-lit carnal hot fire.
The sun sets by you there; as it’s midnight for me, nighttime plays with our worlds apart.


Now to you I share, my inner me. 
Just for you; my love, I describe… 
How does my sleep envision what we can be?
Bound in shadows as our spirited souls reside.

Tonight holds you here within my own sight.
Your body and mind formed within my dreamlike designs.
Have you asked me all you care or might?
This has not made me reconsider or resign.

Come with me now deep inside these dreams; our bodies wish to consummate and conspire.
Let me hold all of you, and lay with you by my side. 
I pray you to sleep with me alone, having hope and love as our guide. 
Your heart, and your touch, soothes me so right now… quenching all of my deepest desires.

Find us now in my dream-scaped mind.
Our bodies reunited as one.
Visions of our moments together we might find.
Come to me in my dreams each night; now my love, and pray we’ll be wed soon as this war is done.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

// I was inspired by this quote:

“If I am really part of your dream, you’ll come back one day.”

~ by Paulo Coelho; from, ‘The Alchemist’

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3 comments on “A Soldier’s Dream
  1. johncoyote says:

    Amazing words and thoughts. Many kind of wars. We can’t win them alone,


  2. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


  3. Very pretty poem ! Parallel flow of ache and trust…lovely !


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