Steam Heat

Steam Heat - WPress1

In my aging Victorian era home
The drafty sashed windows breathe
In the breezes from across the streets.

Floral patterns of parched wallpapers
Skid about the thickened plaster walls;
Bound by an earthen gypsum of ages ago.

Dust-laden tapestries of someone else’s;
Sewn with grand fringes and lace
Bared within spindles of frayed threads.

These garmented sashes attempt to apply both style and shade
Eyebrowing the acute angles of wintertime’s sunbeams; 
Pierce the transient dappled patterns of the leaden glass windows.

Patterned with etched imprints of bas-relief.
Spit valved and painted radiators;
Maintain their foothold at the sills of each frame-glazed opening.

If it were not for the pipe-looped radiance of emissive vapors
Scalding hot waters sent into infinite tunnel and tubes;
To circulate amongst the plank boards as plunged within the mice-trekked framework plenums.


Encrusted chrome nipple-tipped dischargers
Shout out hisses of quieting pleadings;
Relieving spontaneous spews of steam.


These moments are beyond the realm of synchronicity: abrupt impulsive discharge.


On and into the winter’s challenge
Frigid winds splay vectors of air bursts; 
Alluding the flecking brittle-framed panes.

Blistering heat of the iron-worked boilers
Veiling heat ripples ever up to the ceiling crowned; 
Ruffled curtain’s sway animate the inhaled drafts drawn inward from outside.

This dang old place.


Steam heat.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK
(inspired by vivid dreams & a love of nostalgia)

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