With Absolute Sincerity

Absolute Sincerity - WPress1

(a Work-In-Progress poem… A story of hope, living, loving, choices, and of sorrows.)

He’s educated, so dedicated
To see the legacy of his life
Become what is the best
As it can be.

His wife and he
Made the choice
To succeed as one, together
As much as they ever could perceive.

Then all the coming and going
Building a life
From as much as a wish
And often with so much as prayers, daily.

At times all spent
On matters of each day
Learning to love,
By giving as much as to receive.

Getting to those moments
Together and perhaps alone
To feel more, and often within
Regarding their trials of quite beliefs.

Mistakes they have had
Often not known until made
Once decisions done were so determined,
Testing doctrines of each other’s own needs.

From college to careers
Always concerning and with care
Heeding to their loved one’s curiosities;
They then knew their lives had become a becoming history.

He climbed to their goals
As best as he could ever
To be a modern day man was the plan,
Assuming all roles and as much as could be.

Apart more often than together,
Demands of time’s pushing them on ever more
Of tasks that had become
An ever evolved and distracting duty.

Somewhere in between the jobs and caffeine
They got busy as birds, and some bees.
The waiting wetted wand showed a certain + one!
Positive to have begun their very own family.

Up went the cries
Happiness and joy in their lives
Relatives waited to share.
Another branch was added to their family ancestry.

A home as they made
Maternal matters filled their minds.
How will he or she grow; and with whom,
Should tend to this pending nursery?

It can be said
With tears of joys
Some sadnesses would come
Feelings skewered through those maturing inadequacies.

Matters not what had been read
For all the love and hopes that were led
They walked right onto an infinite agony
Of this unborn soul they had yet to see.

Breaths held in
Heart lost in life’s quest
Anticipations own isolate aches
Gestation stillborn, was unfortunately not a misdiagnosis.

Years built on from before
Tumbled by this saddened story
Shored up these moments they stayed so in touch
Beyond their soon so sorrowed emotional purgatory.

The moral to this day
Is that the more we can stay
In love and caring, and in touch…
Matters more every day, what more can I say?

Do what matters; with absolute sincerity.”

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2016 EWK

(always remember: every moment matters)

                                                              ~ Eric

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