Car Wash

Car Wash - WPress1

Keeping up appearances is such a matter.
Rivulets of soaps, soils and suds
Whisked and whirling buffing brush beaters
Patter sounding… thud, thud, swoosh and a swoosh and thud.

Neon’ish lights dictate modes of indication.
Steam hot water, soapy spritz sprayers
Single file slow, destination.
Can’t back out now: wash away these filthy layers.

Blow it dry, throw in the towel — done with this visit.
Hobbled hubs held by sturdy guide rails,
Enter one end and out the exit.
Cleaned and clear as it all seems; let’s spare the details.

~ an EWK Poe’em    ©2016 EWK

// Verse structure:

12 beat : A’ rhyme
9 beat :   B rhyme
9 beat :   A’ rhyme
12 beat : B rhyme

12 beat : C rhyme
9 beat :   D rhyme
9 beat :   C rhyme
12 beat : D rhyme

12 beat : E rhyme
9 beat :   F rhyme
9 beat :   E rhyme
12 beat : F rhyme

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