Dream Away the Triple ‘A’ Way ~ (#3 of 3)

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I have found that the sleeping dreams we have are beneficial and of value to extend the perception of our daily lifestyle. It is possible to enhance and motivate the creativity of our minds by the discipline of recognizing our own nightly subconscious experiences.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” ~ John Lennon

This capacity to unite our awakened consciousness to our sleeping experiences may become a lifelong life-skill that provides varied and insightful realms of perception and an unhindered inner creative sense.

My elements of dream exploration:

To me it comes down to:
1) Awareness,
2) Acceptance, and
3) Actualization.

Yes, three A’s.

A #1) Awareness:
Many matters and situations occur all around us; yet if we cannot be perceptive and responsive to these sensations and be openly perceptive, we then go about ‘dull or numb’.  will not qualify to permit us to even know of anything. Anything.

Consider these perception comparisons:

Touching without feeling.
Hearing without listening.
Eating without tasting.

… Dreaming without meaning?

And, so as it goes that sleep dream awarenesses and recalls for many people may be very rare. With an exception to nightmarish events; or in a better way, seemingly deep emotional dream character connections; such as in a nightmare, must inspire much higher recall. If not for these emotional dream recalls, many may admit that they otherwise: never dream. 

Research I have studied would conclude that nearly every reasonably healthy sleeping person has nearly half a dozen notable dream events per night.
6 significant dreams that occur.
They happen.

I personally have very vivid multiple dream recalls nearly every night and I have certainly found applications of this to my awareness and awakened activities.
… I feel that an enormous amount of both healing and daily sensation awareness (and creativity) can be gained and guided by actively engaging dream awareness.

However; this takes individual patience, clean lifestyle, and discipline to achieve. Furthermore, our society tends to decline and deny things that are not readily swift and superficial.

A #2) Acceptance:
Dreams are so very often (always?) withheld. Very few relationships openly express dream experiences. Day to day socializing tends to not skim to the depths that dream experience involves. Coworkers have small-talk at the water cooler, Facebook is fleeting, even most social religious doctrines largely deny dream acceptance. Therefore; if you have become openly communicative about dream occurrences, singularities, and concerns, you have accepted an extended circle of dream capacity.

A #3) Actualization:
Fulfilling an acceptance and understanding of one’s true self’… this is perhaps our life’s pursuit. (?) Dreams again are present here. Daytime dreams (daydreams?, desires, goals) are our more tactile, and are certainly more accountable to consider. It is the messages of our nightly dreams that may be much more of a key to visualizing more creative, holistic and healing advances of our lives. If only we begin to perceive and permit them to be.

So, there are some hints; my three A’s.
These three ideas define the mindful qualities to discipline into your own personal creative dream capabilities.

Wonder where this goes from here?

My next post to be listed in my ‘Dreams’ category will begin to describe my experiences of active and effective use of sleep/awake journaling, sleep/awake transitions, and sleep/awake creative instinct awarenesses.

My first vivid/aware awakening/lucid dream experience was when I was about 6 years old.

The journey of my creativeness & dreaming is still alive! …many years later now, ah yes!

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