To Write or Not to Write?

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To write or not to write?…
Could that be a question?

To write is…
To express a way of looking at the world.

To write is…
To share your own point of view.

To write is…
To give a piece of your mind, heart and soul.

To write is…
To breathe out; as much as reading has given you air to breathe in.

To write is…
To declare your existence in the moment.

To write is…
To be yourself, within your own words.

To write is…
To record your mind’s inner drama.

To write is…
To be open to share to others; that ‘what-if’ risk.

To write is…
To be wrapped up in the moment.

To write is…
To feel that creative ‘rush’.
Your mind spins, hands sweat.

To write is…
To leave your touch on time.

To write is…
To reach others.

To write is…
To leave a place for your tears to reach your heart.

To write is…
To draw a line of closure.
To forgive hurts.

To write is…
To create a sculpture of words, of meaning, context, of rhyme and verse.

To write is…
To be humbly human in thought and expression.

To write is…
To just lay it all out there.
To make your point.

To write is…
To think. To be. To do.

To write is…
To let others feel your heartbeat from miles away.

To not write is…

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK

p.s. – There is no question, to write is… divine!

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3 comments on “To Write or Not to Write?
  1. sirenlost says:

    I no longer question whether to write … I only question whether to share the words that spill.


  2. justinfenech says:

    To not write is to not want.


  3. Dream4Fun says:

    To write is to free your mind of clutter


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