If Only You Ask

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From all directions and points of view,
I hear a voice calling and drawing me too.
I find courage, I find a source, I dare to run another course.
Maybe because of inner tears, I dare of wonder, I care I fear.

To reach a point of certainty,
to keep ahead of doubt to see.
It’s telling me to get up and get on to a place for myself instead.
Said to be where I can feel wholesome, strong and free.

The savior of others I longed to be; never taking a moment to look at who’s saving me.
Helping those who’ve never asked at all…
To see my soul leaving me; as if my own shadow cares at all. 
Wondered if now to my concern, it surely did turn, to be left alone, or go it alone.
I’ve picked up the pieces before they could fall,
Shattered bits beat apart before the heart beats on.

Out there somewhere a foe needs a friend.
A spirit needs healing if not to attend.
…Who knows what message is needed then?
Mystifying friend I am yet to meet.
Call from there as I am here, it’s alright now.
Whenever you wish, I can be there.
Call me, I’m listening, you’re near my trust.
But please be open, be certain and clear.
From now on I’ll loosen my mask…
If only you ask.

~ an EWK Poe’em   © 2015 EWK

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3 comments on “If Only You Ask
  1. Dream4Fun says:

    I normally find poetry difficult to understand, but I find this very powerful. Thanks


  2. Jim Valero says:

    One luminous quality of this poem is the speaker’s candor, the simple honesty the words convey. Here is a caring, loving person willing to connect and harmonize with others in spite of former wounds. Inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • EricWK says:

      Yes. You do see and feel this context. Good. A bit about me, and much of what I sense inside others. As purely inspired by subtle sensations. I feel this work could use more refinements of verse. Should I let it age a while?; fermentation of my feelings…


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