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The Door

The roof stands above us, the walls stand beside. The Door stands before us; looking out and in. Hear the knock of sins within. Some one does have the key. Who we are and what becomes are housed in disbelief.

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The Key

To open wide or close inside,               is what a door is for.                              To knock or lock depends a lot,

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Earth’s Haiku

The Earth keeps turning People live here day by day Hang on tight, ok? ~ The globe slowly spins Time is relative they say, Go ask your Uncle. ~ It’s Monday again Sunrise comes but once a day Following the

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To Write or Not to Write?

To write or not to write?… Could that be a question? To write is… To express a way of looking at the world. To write is… To share your own point of view. To write is… To give a piece

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Move a’head

Quite often… “In order to move a’head, you need to move a’foot. To know what’s best and what’s a’should, when a’do is better than a’would.” ~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK (inspired by a’nother daydream)

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Swimsuit Santa

Merry Christmas!  It has been such a very unusually warm Christmas day here in Baltimore, Maryland; USA. No snow, wherever you go.  It seems like this is the way the weather has been all around the world this year. Wishing everyone

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If Only You Ask

From all directions and points of view, I hear a voice calling and drawing me too. I find courage, I find a source, I dare to run another course. Maybe because of inner tears, I dare of wonder, I care

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? = Happiness

I’VE GOT IT! The formula for ‘Happiness’ is: [(g + d¹) × (e + d²)] – (d³ + f¹) = (r + s ÷ P) >/= (f² ÷ P) × Today Where: g  = goals d¹ = desires e  =

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I dreamed I was

I dreamed I was flying. Over hills and valleys. Rising above. My spirit soared. I dreamed I was climbing. Reaching for cliffs. Seeking a summit. Against infinite gravity. I dreamed I was dying. Swirling tube of grayness inclined. Lightness casts

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