Crumbs of Expression

crumbs of expression 

tossed along my narrowing paths.
gobbled up like stale croutons fed to birds.

birds burping on crusts
dive off into their own wind.
give me a caw, caw or as much as a chirp.

on your way now, belly full. huh?

marmalade on bread would have done so much
as to have the many unseen ants about my feet
at least lift their weary heads
from the footprints I lost along my way.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK

// written from a sense of loss of purpose as I hiked a long trail. (Photo taken as I walked along) Hansel & Gretel folklore. ‘crumbs of expression’ as the context title line hit me along my thoughts, as I felt my creative career being recycled to quick take-aways and not the heart of me as it had been so long & seriously before. Finding choices, staying alert to new opportunities… letting go of worn, lost paths? What is there to look for by moving ahead without being totally lost along the way?


The trail of my inspiration…

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