A Shot in the Dark

Hopper Porch - WPress1

‘A Shot in the Dark’

… As the screen door slapped shut.

It was a moonlit night.
Not a full moon, a pale slice of pewter.
Looking down at us.
No one was around to be a witness.
Warm air smothered us as we breathed.

Silent stings of porch light mosquitoes.
Their daggers plunged beneath our sweaty skins.
Subtle smells of our musks created a buzz.
Pulling from their scent-raged desires into my arms;
as I brushed your hair to release their fluttering attacks.

Step into the vacant shadows of our house.
Sheltered from this night’s assault of bloodthirsty predators.
Our pulsing hearts chose to conserve blood destined for our nocturnal itches.
We wrestled from the door to the floor.
Sweat dripped from our limbs, leaving smears of fingerprint touches on the hardwood.

Cloth coverings began to mound upon bare floor.
Moonlight shafts of brightness gazed deep into windows, surrounding us.
Outlining our silhouettes of lightness.
Patting down my torso, from head to toes.
Your body searched me for cover.

Spin knobs in combinations temping to open.
Numbers only you had memorized;
By heart.
Enter the vault you had desired.
A certain key needed for a night deposit.

Confined, vaulted walls surround.
Silence within.
Thickened surfaces of metallic sheen.
A Shot in the Dark.

A life sentence begins.
DNA evidence.
9 months of solitary confinement.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK
(inspired by a dream)

//Photo credit:
Artist: Edward Hopper (Social realist genre)
Artwork: ‘Summer Evening’, 1947

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