The long talk

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The long talk.

My wife and I, and so many couples that I discover have had at the very beginning or soon into their relationship had come to each other and stay together; I have found, to have the legacy of ‘the long talk’.

Many, many hours all open up to where we found the ‘us’.

There must be an essence in our souls regarding this. A common stream of two lives flowing, swirling currents brought together, eddies of ripples with each comment. Mixing of ideas, experiences, commonalities, and the contrasts… The depth of our lives plunged into, and the unknown distances of our new common life journey to explore… Hours spent so well with a gut of butterflies, inner warmth, a glow of acceptances, big hearts exposed, with even bigger ears. All listening, all sharing.

Have you had ‘the long talk’ as part of your legacy?

What made you know this was it? The moment all would never be the same?

~ Eric   ©2015 EWK

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One comment on “The long talk
  1. After many decades of marriage it is a little hard to remember back to the beginning of my marriage and that big talk. I will say this, it takes different amounts of time for newly married couples to have that earth shattering talk that really bonds you as one. And that is what the first big, major talks does, it bonds you, it opens your eyes to this other human being you married. You can read what their heart and mind are feeling and saying and it is exhilarating!

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