Mother Earth’s Daily Desire

Sunrise Farm - WPress1

Daylight comes, revealing the night’s slumber.
Musky dew glistens in the valley below us.
Eggs with sausage; morning’s daily hunger.

Rise up, as your crops await their fertile moment.
My strong hands will tend to plow once again.
Plunging inside moist furrows, your seed is potent.

The proud cock’s pose wakes you up at sunrise.
Sunlight spreads upon your mounded hills and valley.
Morning’s chores are due without compromise.

Plump buds burst waiting and wanting their ripe harvest.
Honey bees graze among your fragrant meadows.
Fruits of your labor come from Mother Earth’s own breast.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK

/// Versing structure of ‘Mother Earth’s Daily Desire’

10 / A rhyme
10 / A rhyme

12 / B rhyme
12 / B rhyme

10 / C rhyme
10 / C rhyme

12 / D rhyme
12 / D rhyme

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4 comments on “Mother Earth’s Daily Desire
  1. The photograph for this post is gorgeous. Love the black and orange colors together. Nice poem. Saw your comments on dreams on Merry Hearts Medicine, which I follow and thought I would visit your blog. You have a very nice blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim Valero says:

    Very sensual, suggestive poem!


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