To Breathe, To Sleep, To Dream ~ (#2 of 3)

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4-7-8 relaxing breath method to quick sleep…

There is an effective way to naturally regulate and rebalance your breathing rate, heart rate and eventually persuade your conscious mind rate to a swift relaxation.

Try this:

Close your eyes.

Breathe as you do for about 3 times.

Begin a 4-7-8 relaxing breath…

4 seconds of inhale;
Mouth closed, through the nose, no chest-breathing, belly breathe only.

7 seconds of hold breath;
At first, this may seem slightly distressing as though you are going to turn blue in the face. However; this apprehensive tension will soon reduce as you may truly achieve mind focus (letting go) and your level of oxygenated flow increases within a few repetitious breaths.

8 seconds exhale;
Mouth open, full breath out, from the lower diaphragm/belly. With an audible ‘whoosh’ sound as your breath is let out.

. Repeat this 4-7-8 breath sequence. Initially, try for a full 6 repetitions. 

With some practice, this method becomes much more instinctive. Very often, once this is commonly used before sleep it is capable of sending you into a deep sleep within a minute or two. This is helpful for an immediate un-stress, a power-nap, and especially for a more certain good night’s sleep. It takes just some practice, and some patience…

/ I find that this method can be done sitting in a slightly reclined seat or best while laying on your back with arms to your sides, or with hands resting at each hip.

// The focus and goal of this exercise is to enhance oxygen levels, moderate heart rate, and pace your mindset to the act of breathing and merely visualizing airflow.

/// ‘Relaxing Breath’ method has been established by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Link to Dr. Weil’s breathing site:

: My own annotations are merely to apply descriptive reference and enhance your understanding from my own involvement with this technique.

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Link to my next ‘Dream’ post (#3): Dream Away the Triple ‘A’ Way How to begin to actively and creatively dream.

~ Eric   ©2015 EWK

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3 comments on “To Breathe, To Sleep, To Dream ~ (#2 of 3)
  1. That is very relaxing, I must say.

    When sleep eludes me, I have a technique of visualizing areas of our property and thinking of yard work I could do there. (I enjoy gardening.) I think of each area in the same order each time, and I think it basically bores me to sleep. My husband does the same thing by visualizing the guys on the roster of his favorite football team. He’s a master at falling asleep quickly and taught me how to do it.

    Thanks for liking my post about the dreams my family and I had last night.

    Have a great day!


    • EricWK says:

      I’m so glad you have discovered this posting I have made. As, I am also finding your own experience intriguing. Seems as though your visualization methods are a more personalized version of the old classic, ‘counting the of the redundant sheep’ we have heard over so long. 🙂 Please visit me again since I will be extending my blog posts to many more sleep dream experiences I intend to share. I wish you both good restful sleep. As it is an important matter for everyone. And, in following your own very recent post regarding your family dream concerns as I had read; please look forward to my comments arriving to you soon.
      Good day, sweet dreams.
      ~ Eric

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  2. […] Link to my previous ‘Dream’ post (#2): Breathe Your Way To a Deep Sleep […]


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