Poetry is Sculpture


Words carry a weight, have a shape, enclose a volume of visual/emotional substance and produce a gravitational balance of complex maneuvers when skillfully formed within poetic verse.

WEAVE words • REVEAL rhymes

Expressive poetry evolves the direction of rhyming paths, velocities of the versed lines and the targeted context woven within its message as the phrases are formed. Soon after its inspired structure is initially written; a poem may be considered a creative piece of work. This is when the poet determines to express this work in the raw moment it was transcribed. However; as with many artists, the poem may be remodeled and modified to an extent to which the poet may eventually determine the verses are ‘complete’. This is a moment of subjective determination as though some balance of meaning or pinnacle of expressive intent has been achieved.

FORM phrasing • SCULPT sentences

A matured and weathered poet may choose to hide their own work under a shadow of seclusion as much as a novice poet has the creative jitters. To express poetic writing is to share it; with all of its form exposed, as if it may be a sculpture of the words themselves. Poetic sculpture is an achievable manner of creative writing lent to the depth and range of artistic values it may express. The word-forms within poetic verse of all genres and various personas may be seen and felt simultaneously.

PAINT paragraphs • VISUALIZE verses

“A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”

~ Robert Frost

Poetry is Sculpture

~ Eric   ©2015 EWK

// Image source: Artist: Donald Burge at Behance.com

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