Love is not rocket science

It was a space rocket kind of love…

Rocket - WPress1

Rockets at the ready.
Off I go from here and beyond.
Should I worry if you ever respond?
Life for me, becomes this discovery.

Searching for where my hopes are bound.
The countdown soon to start.
Not coming back, lest love is found.
Numbered beats fueling my waiting heart.

Go for launch…

Clear away my negativity.
Pausing for another day delayed.
Clouds of doubtful fear replayed.
Holding on; this weight of gravity.

•10•••  •9•••  •8•••

Wait and wanting.
Wishing and praying.
My course of life,
I’m navigating.


Eyes to the heavens.
Tears streaming down my face.
Scanning for hope, I’m lost in space.
This path now deepens.


Forever seeking forms of loves and lusts.
Probing the unknown voids of my touch.
Grasping onto the fringes of myself.
Going on to discover.        …Us?


I will survive.
Alone alive; this solitude,
Heart beats with such magnitude.
Lonely in my emptiness.


Reception is poor. These signals sent,
In all methods and manners of amplitudes.
Infrared?, Gamma?, perhaps an X-ray?…
Wanting an echo in so many ways.


Me finding you and you finding me.
Screens reveal a glowing faint blip.
Hearts arriving with purpose.
Our ultimately infinite trip.


Approaching common orbit;
As I reach my own apogee.
Swirling vapors engulf us.
Fogging what we have perceived.


Our launch has begun.
Tight-fitted harness, control knobs; my preparations are complete.
Worrisome pasts now jettisoned.
Anticipation pinning me into my seat.

•Launch••• Lift-off

Our souls guided by radar love.

Target acquired. Locked on.

Heat-seeking missile of desire. Turned on.

blush-rush throbs powered
of pulse-thrusted dreams
sent beyond ourselves.

Message received.

Portions of our critical payload
cast-off on a whim
into the skies of taunting heartache.

•Stage 1••• Complete

Synchronized orbit. Stabilized flight.
Tuned in with our own communications.
We dock and undock so often,
It’s all done with such weightless delight.

•Stage 2••• Complete

Cozy now in our spacious cockpit.
This voyage so exciting, we can hardly sit.
Thrusting when required.
Just us as a crew; together, we two.
Commanding our own destiny,
Upon this galactic-sized view
inside our tiny spaceship.

•Stage 3••• Complete

Flying now together,
On our far-flung trajectory.
Our lives are on a mission,
As we have yet to see.

•Reentry••• Prepare to land

What now for us, and our performance?…
Our fate is in our hands.
We may choose to never land.
What wonders brought us this romance?

Time will tell for us,
as with such circumstance.
Love is not rocket science…
It’s however; a complex dance.

~ an EWK Poe’em   ©2015 EWK

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